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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Lungs: Charlotte is at a CPAP pressure of 6. The doctors and nurses tried to move her to a 5 today, but she made it quite clear that she was none too pleased with that move. So 6 it stays for another week, or until she shows clear evidence that she's ready to be moved down a notch. She's still on nasal cannula while we hold her, for an hour a day, as long as she tolerates it well enough. Once we hit a CPAP pressure of 5, they will start trying to "sprint" her to high flow nasal cannula FOR REALS. Awesome, eh?

Feedings: Charlotte Amalie is still rocking the ND tube. Rocking it so much that they were able to decrease her rocket fuel to plane ol' jet engine fuel. Normal breastmilk/formula is 20 calories/ounce and for the past 2 months or so, CA has been on 28 calories/ounce (they add "formula" to my breastmilk to fortify it). Yesterday, they moved her down to 26 cal/ounce. We're hoping she'll be on 24 or 22 cal/ounce by the time she comes home. CA is currently eating continuously (reason 48 why the NICU isn't such a bad place-- continuous feeds... all day, everyday. Yum, yum!) and she's taking in 18 mL/hour, which adds up to 14.6 ounces a day.

Weight: I didn't get the exact amount, but CA is weighing in at 6 pounds, 8 ounces these days (another reason to cut back on her calories-- she's getting huge!). She measured 18.5 inches this past Sunday. It's like having a baby!

Eyes: As of last Friday, CA looks as though she will not need any more surgery on her eyes. Her left eye is regressing to a point where it will definitely (I hate that word-- nothing is definite in the NICU) not need surgery. Her right eye is "stable" and the doctor thinks it will regress all on its own. We should have another update in a day or two, and he will continue to watch CA until she is discharged.

Other: Currently, CA is on track to be home at the end of July/beginning of August. But please, don't tell her. She doesn't like to know that she's getting better. :)


  1. thanks for the update! i can't believe she's 6.5 lbs, go chunker go!

    I'm glad to hear about the ROP. yay.

  2. oh, what a happy post! great update - and holy chunk!! way to go baby boops!! :)

  3. hi,

    i don't really know what to say, i've thought about it and drawn a blank. i DO want to say that i wish you all the best and to let you know that good things can come out of unfortunate situations. my boy Harlow was born at 24+6, and has been through much of what Charlotte has. he started solids today...

    keep strong.