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Friday, July 30, 2010

See You Monday

My younger sister is getting married on Saturday, so we'll be busy with wedding festivities all weekend (yay us!).

Just thought I would give y'all a heads up.

Before we commence radio silence, here's an update:

Weight: 3.98 kilos, or, wait for it... 8 pounds, 12 ounces.

Lungs: Currently on 2.5 liters of High Flow Nasal Cannula and requiring 30-40% O2. We're hoping she will be weaned to 2 liters this weekend, so that we can move forward on her feeding. The doctors don't want to push her in both respiratory AND feeding at the same time, so that if there is a set back they will know the source of the problem (either feeding OR respiratory).

Heart: Miss CA had an EKG done today and passed with flying colors. Her heart rate might be elevated, but its working just fine. (I love being able to say that).

GI: Charlotte Amalie had a salviagram done today. They basically gave her a few drops of some radioactive fluid and then watched that fluid travel down to her belly through an x-ray-like machine. The report came back: no aspiration. (I REALLY love being able to say that). This means that as soon as she is stable on respiratory support, we'll be able to aggressively start "feeding" her. They had planned on moving her ND tube (food goes into intestines, bypasses stomach) to an NG tube (food goes into stomach) yesterday, but they held off, so now it looks like by early next week she'll get some food into her belly.

Eyes: We were given a card to call an OUTPATIENT eye doctor to have her eyes checked, sometime during the week of August 23. {The doctors still are not confident that she will be an outpatient at that point, but they're hopeful, and so are we. A baby home by the end of August? That would be fantastic.} Anyway, as far as her eyes go, the right pupil is still rather constricted and slow to dilate, so we're hoping it's a side effect from the surgery. We won't know any more about her eye function until this check up, but the last eye exam showed that the ROP was regressing (love that word, too!) and so we're optimistic about her chances of having some vision in her right eye and we're fairly certain she will have full vision (but not perfect vision) in her left eye. Her peripheral vision will be "severely" impacted, but hey, we'll take it.

Any other questions? I think that's about it. Am I missing anything?

We'll see you Monday!


  1. oh, it's all such happy, good news! i'm so glad! go charlotte!!! :)

    happy wedding celebrations!!

  2. Have a fun weekend! Baby Girl is well on the path to coming home! YAY!

  3. Yay! Good news is so nice to hear!! Have fun this weekend and tell your lil sis we say hi! (still can't believe she's getting hitched- she should still be in high school, right??)