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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Few of Our Favorite People

I'm kicking myself for it now, but we didn't manage to get pictures of Charlotte with all her nurses and doctors.

We did get a few snapshots in. Here are some of our favorite people from Chester County Hospital:

(Dr.) Miss Laura.
Dr. Lasley was one of Charlotte's doctors at CCH. She's awesome. Just sayin'. In the past month, she's been to Africa, went to a World Cup game, went on a Safari, Saved some babies in the NICU, and oh yeah, she's also played in a benefit concert. But that's just this month...

Miss Jill.
Miss Jill spent evenings with Charlotte Amalie. She also has a pretty new yellow Mini Cooper convertible. We think Charlotte could just drive around in that instead of using the nasal cannula. Right?

Miss Lisa.
Miss Lisa is a Nurse Practitioner at CCH and had a baby a few months ago (I know, she even looks good in scrubs. Not fair.) Her baby has the BEST hair I have ever, ever seen on a baby, hands down. It's amazing.

Miss Louann.
Miss Louann is one of the unit secretaries. She's just one of those people I could listen to all day. I love her stories.

Miss Blythe.
Another one of Charlotte's nurses, Miss Blythe held down the fort on weekends. I don't think I ever saw Blythe in a bad mood. Ever.

Miss Loretta.
Can I just say, if I didn't have my own mom, I would want Miss Loretta? So kind, so gentle, so compassionate. Love. Her.

Seriously, I'm so sad I don't have more pictures with the staff there. Just know, Miss Charlotte loves and misses you all.

(And yes, Terri, she even misses the physical therapists!)


  1. An amazing idea would be to stop back in to visit (if you are allowed?) and take a picture with everyone once you have busted your precious baby girl out of CHOP for good!!! I'm sure they would love it.

  2. One of the things I feel the worst about is that I have no pictures of so many of our nurses, OTs, PTs, SLPs, Docs etc... You did a great job getting many of them.

  3. i agree with Katy, my one regret... we have pictures of a few of our nurses and the ones that were there the day she was d/c'd. so you did capture a lot of them. isn't it amazing what a great NICU staff does for your spirit? glad you've had such wonderful people taking care of charlotte (and you!) the last five (oh...five) months.

  4. As I sit here looking at all these wonderful pictures of such dedicated caring people and thinking back to February and our very fragile newborn premie, I am filled with emotion and profound gratitude for the love, service and dedication of all you wonderful professionals in working so hard to help Charlotte progress to where she is today. As I look at the pictures of our thriving baby I am so thankful to you for nurturing both her and my daughter Amanda. Words just aren't enough...I am eternally grateful.