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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

80 Days

Weight: 1579 grams (3 pounds 7 ounces)

Feeding: 28 mL/ 3 hours, fortified to 28 cal/ounce. (Pretty much, she's drinking a protein shake.. yumm, yumm)

Digestive: Just sayin', this girl can poop like nothing I've ever seen. It's pretty incredible.

Lungs: Charlotte Amalie is still on the ventilator. The current plan is to take her off the vent (extubation) after her eye exam on Thursday. She's still on higher ventilator settings, so we don't want to take her off the vent until she is really ready. They've weaned her respiratory rate down from 40 to 20 over the past few days-- meaning the vent will give her 20 breaths a minute and the other breaths she takes are all on her own. She should be down to a vent setting of 15 before they'll take her off, as well as a PEEP of about 5 (currently, her PEEP is 9). This all gets pretty technical, so I'll save it and just wrap it up with this: she needs to come down on her ventilator settings before they'll extubate.

Heart: Charlotte Amalie got herself a nice little blood transfusion Sunday and Monday. The doctors had tried to avoid giving her a transfusion, since she was making blood on her own and transfusions stop the body from producing its own blood, but her heart rate started to get pretty high again (about 200, resting) and she was getting pale. Like always, CA perked right up once she got the blood and has been doing much better since. Amazing what a little pack of red blood cells can do for you.

Favor: I have a friend who has a friend, (you know how these things go) who finds herself in a very similar situation, except about 3 months behind. Right now she's sitting in a hospital room, hours away from her family and is wondering when her baby is going to make an appearance. She's about 25 weeks along and her water broke a few weeks ago. Please, when you pray for CA, please keep Hillary and her family in your prayers as well. They have a long road ahead of them, and whether they know it or not, they need any help they can get. Hillary has been keeping a "gratitude journal" for the past two weeks, writing everyday about something for which she is grateful. You can check it out on her blog: http://bhcalaway.blogspot.com

Thanks for checking in.
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  1. Sweet-i am featured on another blog--apparently all you have to do is get yourself into a sticky predicament. Thanks for the shout out. Heaven knows we need every bit of help we can get. Woo, Woo on CA's weight gain--that is awesome-we'll pray for her to gets those lungs going.

  2. glad to hear things are "stable." i'm so happy her digestive system is solid. random, i know, but it makes me happy. you'll have to email me about the ROP stuff. where is it right now? which zone? i'll definitely head over to Hillary's blog and shout out.