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Friday, May 7, 2010

Told You She Was A Star

Charlotte Amalie is the focus of an article in the NY Times Blog, The Motherlode.

Head on over and check it out.


  1. Actually Amanda, I think YOU are the star! You write so well. Were the comments helpful? (Oops, not sure of blog commenting etiquette :) I cannot believe there's another Charlotte Amalie out there!

  2. I have been informed that the proper blog commenting etiquette is to respond in a comment. So, yeah, the comments have been helpful. And I know, another CA? I wonder if she goes by CA, too? Haha, maybe her parents actually named her. Weird.

  3. Amanda, you amaze me everyday with your ability to stand tall and stay strong. You may not think you have it together, but it's incredible the trials and things you've already overcome. You 4 have come so far and continue to defy the odds. She's a fighter and strong spirit. She couldn't do that without the support system you guys offer her. And although you cannot be with her every second, she knows that you guys love her. By the way, she knows the difference between you and the nurses too. You carried her for as long as you did, and she knows your voice and smell. Pretty soon her head will turn towards you when you speak, and she will be able to hear your voice over everyone else's in the room. Chaci's right, YOU are the star, the anchor and the matriarch of your little family. This little girl will get through this, and so will you guys. Your family is in our prayers. We love you guys!