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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Since I know you've all been anxiously waiting, barely able to move on with your lives, we're going to let you off the hook. Waiting for what, you might ask? Waiting for CA's official name, of course.

The little one shall be officially called Charlotte. Of course, nicknames might arise, but in the debate between Charlotte and Amalie, Charlotte has won. One might ask what tipped the scales at this late game, and here it is:

"Charlotte" means small, strong female.

Could there be a better name?

I think not.

Yes, I know, some mothers might have taken the time to see what a name means long before this point (she's what, only 11 1/2 weeks old...) but I just got around to it. Since we named her after the town in St. Thomas that Peter lived in on his mission, the meaning of Charlotte didn't mean much to us. But there you have it.

Hopefully we don't find out that Caleb means something like "dog". Oh wait, yeah, it does. Our bad.


  1. Amanda, as always great post... Tell Caleb its not bad being named after a pooch, Just ask Amanda how Nick got his middle name...

  2. Haha. We announced our name on the blog today. Must be in the air-name these little ones! I love the name choice-The meaning of Charlotte is perfect. Glad to hear you have got that all figured out-I have been laying around for days unable to sleep worrying which way you would go. Lol. Ok-maybe not.

  3. fabulous! i'm so excited for her official name. let the personalized gift making begin....

  4. The reference to dog in Caleb's name is really referring to the attributes of faithfulness and loyalty that dogs show. So yeah, his name means dog, but really the Jews used it to refer to someone who was loyal and faithful. There is no better example of this than Caleb in the Bible. By the way I'm Ann's sister-in-law.

  5. Yeah!!!! Love the name and it fits her. Think of the stories you're going to be able to tell her one day....better yet let her read your blog!

  6. Love your blogs, Amanda, and it's nice to know little Charlotte is now official. Several of my co-workers here at Easter Seals ask about her every week and it's amazing how excited and happy they are when things are good and how supportive and deeply touched they are when things falter a bit - just know you have A LOT of people pulling for that little one!

  7. Congratulations on deciding on an appellation. It suits her beautifully.