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Thursday, May 13, 2010

No Funny Stuff Growing Here

CA's blood culture came back today without anything gross or fuzzy growing in it. (That's a good thing).

They're still treating her with antibiotics (for 7-10 days total) and they'll just go by her clinical showings to decide when to take her off the ventilator.

I swear, I'll post something real when Peter finishes boards. Until then, we're all running around with our heads cut off... (actually, we're not running anywhere, more like slowly meandering through life without certain direction).

So yeah, next Tuesday. I promise. Until then, all you have are these silly little updates.

But, just to keep you interested, CA has hit 3 pounds! 3 pounds, 2 ounces to be exact. However, that will probably prove to be untrue once she comes off the vent (some of that weight will be attributed to the vent and IV's and such). But for now, vent and all, she weighs over 3 pounds. She's pretty much huge. Just like the weights I use at the gym :)
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  1. glad to hear the culture came back clear. whew. 3 LBS! WAHOO!!!!!

  2. Hi. My name is Hillary Calaway and your friend Brittany Allenbach referred me to your blog. I am 25 weeks along this Sunday and living at the hospital because my amniotic sac tore at the end of March. Reading your blog gives me so much hope and reminds me that we aren't alone in our struggle to save our child's life. Our blog is bhcalaway.blogspot.com Thank you for your example and your family is in our prayers!