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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Repeat Steps 1-3

It's been a long day, but we just wanted to let people know that Charlotte Amalie is back on the ventilator. She had to be intubated today for a lot of reasons, but mostly because she just got too tired and breathing on her own got to be too much work. The Nurse Practitioner was hopeful that she won't be on it for too long, and we'll find out more regarding the plan of action tomorrow when we see her doctor.

That's all.

Happy Mother's Day.


I do just want to mention how incredibly grateful we are to be dealing with Charlotte Amalie's ups and downs. While, of course, we wish she wasn't on the vent on Mother's Day, we also recognize how many people don't have a child at all on Mother's Day. As we've gone through this preemie experience, we've met so many parents who gave birth to babies, many who were much "older" than CA, and have buried those same babies. Our hearts break for them today as they celebrate being parents, but cannot celebrate with those angels that made them so.

So yes, we are ever so grateful that our daughter can be on the vent today. Because it means she's here. And we can't ever take that for granted. Hug your children today an extra time. There are some parents who can't.
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  1. i remember those feelings well. happy belated mothers day. i'm grateful you have your miracle!