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Monday, May 10, 2010

The "P" Word

Charlotte Amalie has developed pneumonia. Yuck. We're waiting to get the blood culture results (they'll be back in 48 hours, Wednesday morning) to see if it is bacterial or not, but the doctors have already started her on antibiotics, just in case.

It's crazy, but after 10 weeks of being infection free, we really started to think that maybe she would beat the odds. (Edit: by "beat the odds" I mean, beat the odds of getting an infection. I just re-read that and realized that might be interpreted differently. TY). Silly, silly us. It's not unheard of to get pneumonia when off of the ventilator, but it's definitley more likely to get pneumonia on the vent than it is off, so who knows how she got it.

We've been saying all along that the one thing that could really set us back, could really hurt her would be an infection. So for those who are worried, yeah, pneumonia can beat her up. But most likely, they have caught the pneumonia early enough to avoid any serious problems. She'll take antibiotics for 10 days and hopefully, by then, she'll have kicked this darn infection and it will only be one of the many stories we tell of her time in the NICU.

In better news, Charlotte Amalie is weighing in at 1295 grams (2 pounds, 13.6 ounces). The good thing about being on the vent is that she'll be able to use all her energy to grow, instead of using energy to breathe. Gotta look on the bright side, right?


  1. We'll keep praying Amanda....remember she's a little fighter and she has lots of people cheering her on! We've seen many miracles.... Love you! Mom

  2. ah man. i'm sorry. i suppose on the "bright side" at least there is a reason she's back on the vent. doesn't make it any easier for her to be on the vent. we'll be praying for her and for you and peter. goodness. boo.