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Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Update

I'm posting this in the "What Can I Do" section as well, but I thought I would put it here, too.

Our NICU is in need of some items, and as wonderful as they have been to us, we thought we would try to help out in any way.

First, they can always use preemie sized clothes. Clothes are easiest when they have snaps and can go on from the bottom (instead of being pulled over the baby's head). These could be gently used or new.

Second, they need swings and vibrating bouncy chairs. These need to be new. Batteries are not needed. (I think they have stock in Duracell).

Third, they need a new crib. Try pricing on of these hospital cribs online and you will be shocked. A NICU crib can run as much as $5,000 or more. We're going to make a donation to the NICU in Charlotte's name in an effort to help them purchase a crib. The new crib will be inscribed with Charlotte's name so she'll always have a place there. :) If you would like to donate for this crib, please contact either me or Peter at afarr04 {at} gmail {dot} com or peteknickerbocker {at} gmail {dot} com. Any little bit can help.

We sincerely appreciate all the help that people have given us, and we don't want to make people feel like we're constantly asking for things. But we also know that there are people who want to help, and want to feel involved, who haven't been so far. So here's the information, do with it as you please.

We love you all. Your support (by simply reading this blog) is genuinely felt and desperately needed. We can't do this without you, and no matter how you show support, we feel it. Really, truly and honestly.

Cheesy or not, it's true.

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