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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2 Months Adjusted


Today you celebrate your two month adjusted birthday. You're pretty lucky in that regard, most kids would give anything to have two birthdays to celebrate. You're pretty lucky in most other regards as well.

For example:

1. You're coming home.

Soon. Hopefully before Daddy leaves for two months (he flies out on the 29th). He'd love to be there for your homecoming day, so if you could be on your best behavior next week, that'd be great. If not, we understand. It's difficult to behave all the time. Daddy will be there in spirit, with all the love a father can possibly have for a child. You have him whipped, just so you know.

2. Your big brother loves the heck outta you.

He held you today and told all the nurses how beautiful you are. He then sang you Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (currently, his favorite) and declared that you love race cars. He must think you're A-OK if you like race cars. That puts you on the same level as Uncle Soren, and believe me, that's a pretty cushy place. Caleb talks about you every day. His favorite book to read is "I'm a Big Brother" which we read every.single.night over and over again. Yesterday he made two piles of toys. I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "Just makin' a pile for baby Charlotte. She will get all better and come home to play with me. She loves me." Seriously, girlfriend, your brother loves you lots. And believe me, as someone who knows, there's nothing like having a big brother who loves you.

3. You're doing well. Scratch that. You're doing remarkably well.

A new baby has joined the NICU. A baby who came just about as early as you did. This baby was supposed to have a sibling come into the NICU with him, but his twin was born to heaven and is watching over him. I gave his mother a "welcome to the NICU" bag today and she asked how you were doing. With tears in my eyes, I replied as honestly as I could. "She's doing great," I said. I meant it. You are thriving baby girl.

You're thriving. You are two months adjusted and you're thriving.

We're all lucky in that regard. Luckier than we'll ever really know.

With all my love,


  1. I need a hug from you all this weekend before she goes!!! So glad you are in the homestretch, and will look forward to your blog updates

  2. I have been following her journey for a long time, and you have taught me so much about my own baby currently in the NICU. You have also taught me about being positive. I pray that she is home quickly. It is very exciting! She is just beautiful.

  3. what a sweet post. is it bad to say you had me crying? :) what a lucky girl to come home to such love ... and i'll be crossing my fingers she makes it home before her dad goes. wow. i'm so excited for you!

  4. That's great that CA will be going home soon! And so sweet about her brother...We also read the same book to prepare my son for his little sister's arrival. Best of luck over the next few days!

  5. Loved this. Can't wait to see her at home! We are all so proud of her... And proud of you and Peter, too! Love ya!

  6. Speaking of angels......baby Charlotte has a beautiful angel for her Mom. She and Caleb are truly blessed! Love you so much! Mom

  7. I am so happy for you Charlotte. You are coming home to a family full of love for you.

  8. Dad,
    When can I have the keys to the car?

  9. Have I already told you that you should publish your blog into a book? I'm serious. Your whole family is amazing. We're all looking forward to CA coming home. Love you lots.

  10. You don't know me, but I grew up in the same ward Peter did. I love reading your blog and following you are your family's story! I love your writing, if you wrote a book like your blog I'd buy it! I hope Charlotte comes home real soon. Thanks for sharing your experience, it is inspiring! You're a good mom!