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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where Did I Go Wrong?

When both of your children have been taped to a table at CHOP, somewhere, something went wrong.

Just sayin...


  1. hahahahaha. i hope you meant this to be funny cause I'm totally laughing. what a cutie. if it's supposed to be a vent, sorry for my inconsiderate response. ;)

  2. Lori, you know me all too well. Of course I'm laughing about it!

  3. Amanda, I love you! You're a thousand times better than me. But hey, I was in Philly yesterday and totally realized I didn't have your current number and I couldn't call you :( You need to send it to me cause I think I want to come back down to Philly like next Monday or something. I really want to meet up with you and do lunch or something. Here is my number so you can call, email, comment, or whatever. Love ya! (310.951.0099)