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Monday, August 9, 2010

Open Wide

I believe she is saying,
"Feed me PLEASE!"

Weight: 4.25 kilos or 9.3 pounds

Lungs: Miss Charlotte is down to 26-32% O2. Still on 2 liters.

Feedings: Apparently, I need to have a melt down more often. Charlotte seems to respond to my hysterical rantings. Friday morning, Miss Charlotte took 22 mL from the bottle. To be fair, they had to thicken her milk significantly, and they had to try several different nipples to find one that worked, but it seems as though they have found a concoction that Charlotte can take without aspirating. Our next hurdle is helping her to get "in shape" enough so that it doesn't completely wipe her out. Currently, her milk is thickened to a "honey" consistency, so as you can imagine, it's pretty hard to suck down a bottle of it. (The thickness scale goes, breast milk, formula, nectar, honey). We have a swallow study scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, and they will try formula, nectar, and honey-- apparently straight breast milk is off the table, it's just too thin to safely try with her.

The Plan: Charlotte is doing so well, and is making such great progress. The current plan is to have a swallow study Wednesday and then not next week, but possibly the week after that, transfer her back to Chester County, where they can continue with her feeding plan until she shows that she can do it on her own. How long that will take, is the question.

Hopefully after that, her next transfer will be home :)


  1. suck it down, girl friend!! we're praying for her speedy learning abilities!

  2. Way to eat Charlotte! That is the cutest picture ever... so glad that you have good news to share!

  3. That is awesome news Amanda!! Keep up the great job Charlotte! I love the picture

  4. Yay Charlotte...she is just too adorable, love the picture!

  5. got to love it when things start coming together. keep up the good work there Charlotte! i'd start hiding the car keys, she'll be asking for them soon.


  6. Hands down best pic-ever!