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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Tonight, I'm Grateful.

I'm grateful for people who care, for others who understand, for those who have sacrificed so that Charlotte could receive excellent medical care.

Tonight, I'm Reliant.

I'm relying on others to watch over my daughter, to feed her a midnight snack, to tuck her into bed.

Tonight, I'm Restless.

I'm restless for answers, for goals, for nights of rocking my baby to sleep-- at home.

Tonight, I'm Weary.

I'm weary from the waiting, the worrying, the wondering.

Tonight, I'm Hopeful.

I'm hopeful that we'll have answers, that answers will turn into results, that my son and daughter will fall asleep under the same roof someday soon.

Tonight, I'm Humbled.

I'm humbled by acquaintances who act more like family, by nurses who act more like friends, by friends who act more like angels.

1 comment:

  1. i think you're awesome. way to focus on the lessons you're learning and having gratitude. big ole internet high fives.