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Friday, August 27, 2010


Our baby came home on Wednesday. We've been running around like crazy since then. I do plan to write a post about the day and how everything went, but that will probably happen late one night. For now, I present you with Charlotte's first picture in her home:

That about sums it up right now.


  1. Yep-- that sums it up! I'm so happy for you guys. I don't even know you, aside from your blog but all day on Wednesday I found myself thinking, are they in the car? are they walking in the door? are they reading stories together on Caleb's bed? Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl who doesn't beep (as much) anymore!

  2. The looks on both of their faces say it all! Life is good, God is good and everything is exactly how it should be. Charlotte is the miracle of your lives (as is Caleb, but she has had a little tougher time) and even with all of her baggage (or as Jill referred to it--accessories) she made it home to her family. And that makes ME smile, too!!

  3. what a gorgeous baby!