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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yumm Yumm

Peter's first time feeding Miss Charlotte.
Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weight: 4.495 kilos, or 9 pounds, 14.6 ounces

Lungs: Down to 1/8 Liter on oxygen, 100%. This is VERY VERY do-able at home. We're talking about HOME here people. Get excited!

Feedings: Miss Charlotte is taking about 30-45 mL two or three times a day from a bottle. She's wiped out after feedings, and I can't blame her-- the stuff she has to suck through a nipple is pretty darn thick. It takes a lot of work. She has been weaned down on her rocket fuel as well-- only 24 cal/ounce now, and she's off the hospital-grade fortifier (Human Milk Fortifier, HMF).

Home: We'll meet with her doctor on Thursday to determine the details of how/when/what/YIPPEE!! of her coming home. She'll most likely be coming home on both NG (through the tube) and PO (by mouth) feedings, and she will probably require some amount of oxygen. Where we are going to fit all her accessories is beyond me. What happened to babies not needing anything but diapers? Once she comes home she'll have weekly weight checks (for a bit, not forever) and visits from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy once a week. She'll also follow up with the developmental clinic at Chester County Hospital, where they will teach her the wonders of being a baby: how to roll over, how to sit up, how to crawl, etc. And last, but not least, she'll follow up with the Speech Therapists at CHOP to evaluate her feeding progress.

She's gonna be a busy girl!


  1. and you're gonna be a busy mama! i'm sooo glad they're talking about bringing her home. every time we drive by the art museum lillian asks, "can we go there with charlotte when she all done at the hopital?" we're already making plans for her, too. :-)

  2. a) fabulous about Peter getting to feed her. that's a very big deal. b) can i just do a little dance for you that you can even timidly write HOME on your blog? fan-freakin-tastic c) check your mailbox soon.

    that's all.

  3. woot-woo!!! i'm so excited that HOME is on the radar!

    ps-all those pics are SO very cute! very, VERY adorable!

    (and sorry i didn't get to chat on sunday. my little missy was having a nervous breakdown, but it's nice to catch up here.)

  4. YAY YAY YAY! If they are talking this level of detail with you-- you guys are getting the boot before you know it! So exciting!

    A piece of home oxygen advice-- ask for B tanks as well as the bigger ones-- they make carrying her around and leaving the house a gazillion times easier than even the D tanks do. On 1/8th you should get a day or 2 out of a B tank.

    Congrats on *finally* being able to post this post-- it is coming-- before you know it you'll be participating in carseat and room air challenges!

    I'm so happy for you guys!

  5. IT IS DO-ABLE! very do-able. and i hope its not far away.

    then she can laugh as well >:]

  6. HOME! Exciting! As much of a busy girl CA will be, I think you will be an even busier girl!