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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swallow Study

Today was Charlotte's swallow study. There were several different factors that they wanted to test, and the combination of said factors resulted in a lot of different possibilities. So here's the run down:

*The thickness of the liquids goes from least thick to thickest

Sideline Position, Nipple Flow #2:
(Best position for Charlotte to avoid aspiration, Slowest Nipple flow)
1. Formula- Visualized Aspiration
2. Simply Thick Nectar- Visualized Aspiration
3. Simply Thick Honey- No Visualized Aspiration

Sideline Position, Nipple Flow #3:

(Best position for Charlotte to avoid aspiration, challenging her on the rate of flow)

1. Simply Thick Honey- No Visualized Aspiration

Cradle Position, Nipple Flow #2:
(Challenging position, Slowest Nipple Flow)
1. Simply Thick Honey- Visualized Aspiration

Once a "thickness" showed aspiration, it was ruled out, so all the "challenges" were done with the Simply Thick Honey.

While it's disappointing that Charlotte is aspirating while swallowing, it is encouraging that she has some starting point for orally feeding. Many, many, many 24 weekers don't have that luxury, so we're very grateful to have this chance at bottle feeding.

I'm slowly coming to grips with the fact that I'll never be able to breastfeed her (I had really been hoping that breastfeeding could be our one *normal* thing together) but again, I know of many babies born as early as Charlotte that don't orally feed at all, so I can't complain too much.

We have a family meeting scheduled for tomorrow, and we'll discuss our options-- whether or not we'll go forward with oral feedings or not at this point, and when/if Miss Charlotte Amalie will be transferred back to Chester County Hospital.

Send some CCH vibes our way!


  1. So glad to hear that she can feed orally! I know what it's like to not be able to breastfeed- not under the same conditions as you and Charlotte, but hard nonetheless. Bottle feeding has its blessings, too. The most comforting thing is knowing that your sweet little one is getting the nourishment she needs, no matter how it's delivered. :)

  2. I'm sorry she can't breastfeed :( I know it makes you feel like you're helping to nourish your baby, but thank goodness for wonderful equivalents from modern science!
    She is doing so well and looking beautiful. We think of you guys often and are in our prayers always.

  3. so wait..you've been pumping the entire 5 months? you are my new HERO. i only lasted 4 months and when jaylee couldn't breastfeed i said "screw it" you're freaking amazing. even though Charlotte won't be able to breastfeed you've given her the best gift you can, your BM. :) i know it sucks and it's yet another thing you have to grieve, so i'm sorry. boo to that.

    i hope you get to go back to CCH soon and (dare i say it?) HOME.